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Vol I No. 6

Vol I No. 7

UP Summary

JASM publishes a journal, "Observations". The seventh issue appeared in October 2007 and is on sale for $AUD12.00 plus postage and packing. P&P for Australia costs $AUD2.00 and overseas $AUD5.00. If interested, email

UP Articles in Observations, no. 4

Robin Grove, Thinking morality: Jane Austen makes up her mind

Kay Perry, 'Dreary chronicler of the county marriage hunt'? Jane Austen and the resistant reader

Geoff Chapman, Defending Henry Crawford

Patricia Pengilley, Mansfield Park: Is there a heroine?

Patricia Begg, English ceramics of the Jane Austen period

Tess Samuel, Deconstructing Jane

Joan Klingel Ray, From wombats to Tchaikovsky

Gideon Polya, Jane Austen, sense and sensibility and truth in an open society

Andrea Richards, Wicked women of the Regency

UP Articles in Observations, no. 5

Tess Samuel, The Unhappy People in Austenís Novels

Deirdre Eva, The Importance of Money in Jane Austenís Novels

Andrea Richards, Jane Austen Shopped till She Dropped

Deirdre Eva, Was Jane Austen a Feminist?

John Wiltshire, Editing Mansfield Park: Whatís in a Name?

Caroline Eva, Jane Austen and the Clergy

John Potter, The British Army in the Regency Period

Fay Jones, Jane Austen and Lord Byron 1813-1815

A Colloquium on Emma

UP Articles in Observations, no. 6

Paul Nicholls, Jane Austen: Novelist, Historian & Anglican

Iain Topliss, Jane Austen as Humorist

Gavin Turner, Jane Austen and Speculation: Cards, Conjecture, Capitalism and the City of Bath

Jon Spence, Jane Austen and Eliza De Feuillide

Robin Grove, Jane Austen: Word By Word

UP Articles in Observations, no. 7

Andrea Richards, Sun, Sea and Sanditon

Kay Torney Souter, Jane Austen and the Family

Cheryl Calwell, Childbirth in the time of Jane Austen

Mercia Chapman, Jane Austen's brush with the law

John Potter, The Royal Navy and Marines in the Regency Period

   Here is a short review of Letters From Pemberley by Jane Dawkins, a short novel in letter form,
and here is a review of Mrs Lefroy's Letters.

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